Laying out the Smart Data (AKA Open Data) Benefits for Business Leaders in upcoming Open Finance, Open Communications and Open Energy initiatives.

The Open Banking initiative led by the United Kingdom sparked a wave of ‘Smart Data’ or in other words ‘Open Data’ initiatives across the globe. With the growing…


Most business organizations are driven by the vision and direction. At a high level, these are defined using quantifiable business objectives as applicable to the entire organization, such as overall revenue targets, corporate brand value and more. However, when it comes to achieving these objectives, they are converted into a…


An important aspect of digital transformation initiatives is to make sure that it is serving your vision, mission and strategic business objectives. If not, your technology strategy is not helping you achieve the business strategy. In simple terms, if the information systems designs, architectures and technology choices do not match…

Lakshika Paiva

Passionate about business-side of tech. Advocate of education, wo/men in tech & mental health. In love with baking, travel, fitness & books. Mum to my pets.

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